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When you consider the term web design what comes to mind; the Internet and graphics correct? But there are more things to this term that need consideration than just the obvious. For example, two very important questions come to mind 1) how will you benefit from web design, personal or business? And 2) is there a web development style you prefer for the website? Most persons know how to answer the first question yet the second question does get customers a bit thrown when they begin to hear the options as there are many of them.
Of course you can build a website using HTML 5 but websites can be created using coding language such as JavaScript, Java, C+, Cascade Style Sheets (CSS), and a few other programming languages if the website needs more intense back-end control. When first looking into website creation this can be intimidating but it is actually quite simple to understand. For example, the HTML language can be used as static or as dynamic. Static is very simple but when coding with dynamic-HTML the website comes alive and will interact with the website reader.
Cascading Style Sheets allow many options to code and design web pages based upon need and desire of look. The benefit of using CSS is the user data will be saved and can be easily retrieved for review. Of course when using this type of coding it would be wise to ensure security of data so that information cannot be obtained by unauthorized personnel. When building a website it can be quite an amazing and learning experience because of the multiple items involved including the web design of the entire site.
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