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The Typo Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone

Now this is getting quite exciting after much hype and discussion of the Typo BlueTooth keyboard coming about for iPhone users. Finally the waiting is over as the Consumer Electronics Show of 2015 did take place and revealed the item in all its glory. Now that the production model has begun the maiden launch for consumers to see, feel, and purchase it will be quite the pleasure for every cell phone owner who enjoys extra swiping room because that is exactly what this provides. There is an additional 1.7mm provided which is quite nice for the many cell users who enjoy using the iPhone and having the swipe capability. Even better, iPhone users will have access to all of the iOS 7 functionality.
The Typo BlueTooth keyboard is actually going to be quite interesting to see how consumer feedback prevails as  it will provide consumers with the ability to easily use the once QWERTY keyboard that still exists with the Blackberry phones. The benefit, iPhone users now have the ability to use click keys on their iPhones should they choose to have them. A benefit of using the Typo BlueTooth keyboard is the small, lightweight feeling and the ease of placing it onto your iPhone; instructions will guide you how this item can be placed and correctly fit onto your iPhone.
There are a few negatives of using the Typo BlueTooth keyboard which consumers should keep in mind but they are not anything too negative. The first being TouchID is no longer accessible. What users will need to do at this point for unlocking their phones is change their security function, switch unlock method, or retype in pin code using the TypoBlueTooth keyboard. Yes, these are extra steps but Typo gives an extra feature for the iPhone so it is a matter of how the issue wants to be handled by each iPhone customer.
As a benefit when the iPhone does go to sleep to get attention once again just press any key on the Typo BlueTooth keyboard and it will awaken. What will show is passcode entry prompt. Another benefit of the Typo BlueTooth keyboard is the quickness of how it keeps up with use when entry of text in SMS, email, and applications. Another benefit is stress tests actually showed there is a zero lag benefit from the Typo BlueTooth keyboard so this is a wonderful device to have as it worked well for Bluetooth keyboards. On a final note, the BlueTooth keyboard is available for sale through the manufacturer’s website or can be found through Amazon priced reasonably.

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