The Water Conservation Garden Case Study

Water Conservation Garden Sees Growth

The Water Conservation Garden has nearly six acres of displays that showcase water conservation through a series of beautiful themed gardens, such as a native plant garden and a vegetable garden, as well as how-to displays such as mulch and irrigation exhibits. The Garden also features a native butterfly pavilion that is open spring and summer each year.


KPIs Improved


Increase in Paid Traffic in the First 60 days


Increase in Donations & Memberships


Increase in Phone Calls


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Organic Traffic in first 60 Days

Conversion Driven Aesthetics + Advertising = Success

Beehive redesigned The Water Conservation website so it was built for conversion and was also able to secure a Google Ad Grant campaign to leverage $10,000 per month provided by Google (Only for Non-profit Organizations) to ensure top-notch branding, increase in donations, Garden memberships adhering to Google Ad Grants Guidelines and the proper and efficient spend of their budget.

The partnership between The Water Conservation Garden and Beehive yielded quick results in just 60 days. Traffic increased by 250% along with 250% increase in conversion rate & 91% direct phone calls to the client.


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