The Seacoast Market Case Study

Seacoast Growth via Online Advertising

The Seacoast Market is a family owned and operated wholesale distribution business from San Diego, California with an industry experience of 25 years and the mission to deliver branded delicious, high quality, natural snacks and beverages right to your doorstep. The Seacoast market is extremely passionate about their unique collection of delicious, wholesome snacks and beverages & their collection of products has something for almost everyone.


KPIs Improved


Increase in Paid Traffic in the First 60 days


Increase in Paid Conversion (Sales) in the First 60 days


Increase in Revenue in First 60 days


Increase in Organic Traffic in first 60 Days


Increase in Conversion Rate


Decrease in Cost-Per-Click in the First 60 days

Motion Creates Emotion

As soon as Beehive laid the foundation for the Google Ads paid campaigns, the total traffic increased 54% in just 60 days along with 2162.16% increase in revenue including Organic & paid marketing strategy.

The partnership between The Seacoast Market and Beehive yielded quick results in just 60 days, ensuring superior landing page experience for the users and optimum growth in conversions.

We have seen continued growth with a beautiful upward sales trajectory with a strategy that is yielding fantastic results for our client and look forward with excited anticipation at what benchmarks we will meet and exceed to finish 2021 strong for them.


Client Review:

I was trying to promote via social media and my sales were very soft.  I spoke with Alex at Beehive he suggested that ppc would be a more targeted route. Within two months I had substantially increased sales and after four my sales are still growing. Very happy with Beehives services.”

-Nathan Kargman, CFO

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