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Social media tools are created on Instagram

For many years now everyone from writers to engineers to small business owners have been discovering the social media chat rooms and how to join these free communities. There are many who have chosen to begin using social media to gather news and to stay communicated with others. Not only for the above reasons but because social media now is available to be obtained through mobile devices all because of technology growth. There are many users now who can easily log into their Facebook or Twitter account with one click onto their smart phone and view the latest of updates. Another frequently used social media place many like to go is Instagram. It may not be as large in members as the others yet this site does have frequent visitors because it does allow ease and it does work quite well with the mobile devices.
Now there has been a news break come about with Instagram that they have provided more features. For users who have been using Instagram since the beginning they will much appreciate this change as now when photos are posted there are advanced editing tools provided so the photo can be given #hashtags or a caption on where it was taken. Twitter was the original rage of using hashtags but Instagram also graces them which is a good thing so users please type to your heart’s err finger’s content when tagging and captioning your photos please.  Oh yes, there are more editing capabilities still which Instagram does provide to members as they want to make your use of social media easy, simple and happy.  There is a special section that will let users enter the location of photo if they wish to provide those details. So for example if you went on your first mountain climbing trip; climbed a specific mountain you can then take a photo at the peak  then show it off to the circle of your friends with #hashtag and the name of what mountain you proudly climbed in caption. Another feature available to users is now having the ability to like a photo or video. There are multiple choices how photos and videos can be appreciated so this will be a benefit to new artists that are creating their portfolio. In essence the new features of Instagram will allow users to display choice photos or videos with a description for all to see and appreciate.

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