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SEO and Social Media Combination Package

SEO (search engine optimization) and social media are two items that websites need to function well. Using both items together Beehive WS will enhance the status of your website and provide better traffic to it. For example, good search engine optimization (SEO) is writing solid content onto a website with popular keywords that visitor traffic will use on top search engines and find benefit from. Keep in mind, the more usage those specific keywords are entered the higher ranking your website will obtain. Another important factor to obtain attention from consumers is using social media. Social media is anything from Twitter to Facebook to Linked In and the list continues. A website can be marketed on social media and it will gain attention.
The interesting thing about SEO and social media is they both work together quite well. Beehive WS will find the best choices for search engine optimization and social media then combine everything together so it all meshes perfectly together like a well oiled machine. The chart below displays search engine optimization and social media benefits in a listing format so you are aware of the combination package.
The Beehive WS SEO package contains

  • Search engine analysis
  • Ongoing search engine content updates
  • Monthly report for clients
  • Regular SEO evaluation of client website
  • Search engine keyword research
  • Natural link building to enhance website traffic

The Beehive WS Social media package contains

  • Promote business or product line
  • SMM campaign know how
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing analysis and research
  • Manage client accounts professionally with ethics at all times
  • Staff will attract new customers to your brand

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