‘Salesforce of Pot’ Acquires Grassworks Digital

by Dec 11, 2020

‘Salesforce of Pot’ Acquires Grassworks Digital

Baker, a 3-year-old startup specializing in marketing software development for marijuana dispensaries, announced yesterday that it has acquired Grassworks Digital, a Seattle-based startup also specializing in CRM tools for cannabis retailers.

Grassworks was founded in 2016 and helps 150 dispensaries track and manage their inventory. They also offer order-ahead software online for pot shops. The company’s employees will be joining forces with Baker in its Seattle office
“Our core product is Simple Marijuana Menu, which integrates with clients’ point of sale systems, automates inventory updates, and allows consumers to order online,” CEO of Grassworks Ryan Porter explained earlier this year.
Self described as “The Salesforce of Pot”, Baker works with over 700 dispensaries across 16 states and Canada; employing more than 50 people.
This deal is a milestone as one of the first technology acquisitions in the legal marijuana space. There are many startups building marijuana related software and services for retailers, growers and more.
While the industry is still in its infancy it’s a promising deal that signifies great change on the horizon.
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