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Radar technology can see inside buildings

You read correctly, there now has been new radar technology come about giving law enforcement the ability of using radar technology and then seeing inside buildings. It sounds rather surprising as it should but yes, this is a law enforcement capability given to see inside buildings using specific type cameras for illegal activity. But before any reader gets angry and thinking they will now have to be concerned that is not the case at all. There will be nothing of the sort as far as police officers spying. This type radar technology is being used for specific reasons by specific law enforcement. There must be a specific reason for using this type of technology. This radar technology will show law enforcement signs of criminals who are doing wrong and give law enforcement the ability to catch those criminals who are about to do something wrong. The only way to use this type of radar technology is with a legal warrant.
In other words, there must be legal and valuable reasoning that protects the law enforcement officers and allows them to move forward with using such radar technology. Grant it there may be a special occasion when such radar technology can be used but that will be dealt with when that bridge needs to be crossed; every case is different from the next and must be handled specific. As of now there are 50 law enforcement agencies that have this type of radar technology. Every law agency will follow the law and not go above it – there is no reason not to. The only persons who need be concerned of this type radar technology are those committing illegal activity. This type radar technology will benefit specific type cases in the Marshal Service investigations.

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