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Is prepaid broadband the new choice for Internet service

For quite some time for those who could not afford a cellular contract there was the option of choosing month to month or what most cellular companies call it prepaid services. How prepaid service works is so much money would be paid onto the cellular phone then once it is used the phone would need a recharge. This idea is quite simple to use for any consumer who does not wish to manage service on a long-term contracts. Not only did this idea start getting used by all cellular companies another industry has taken on the same concept; broadband service.
Frontier Communications has chosen to begin the service of pay as you go Internet. This service has special features, prices, and does not require the customer to have phone service or contract. The benefits of purchasing this package will include an Internet kit. This kit will include network equipment used to set up an Internet connection from the home to the Frontier server. The items in this network equipment kit provided are a Netgear 7550 Wi-Fi router, an Ethernet cable, a phone cord, and an installation guide. Along with all of these items there is a helpful user guide on how to set up the computer to the Frontier network.
Customers are given the ability to choose from three plan options pending upon what best meets their scheduling and budget. For service Frontier offers one day, seven days, or 30 days. Customers have choices between two Internet speeds and choosing whether or not to have a professional installation done.  There are many more options with prepaid broadband up to the customer it is all a matter of choice.

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