Marketing is a compulsory part of the real estate business because real estate itself is about marketing properties. A successful real estate company must go beyond creating textbook brochures and listings. What do you do to promote your real estate business and ensure you get noticed by potential buyers? How do you stand out from the pool of real estate businesses? Here is how;

1. Have a marketing plan

Every successful initiative begins with a well-thought plan. A marketing plan gives you a clear structure of your objectives and the activities you will undertake to reach these objectives. It also helps you to direct your resources to the areas where they will have the most impact.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-efficient way to reach your audience. By sending your customers targeted marketing emails you will make them feel valued enough to keep dealing with your business. Email marketing helps you to grow your customer base through regular communication and updates about your business, offers, promotions and new property they may be interested in.

3. Create and manage a business website

Since the first place potential customers will look for you is online, you must establish a solid web presence. A company website allows you to give as much information about your business and services to a wide audience at the same time. For better effect, get it done by professionals (like us!) who will manage your content and traffic.

4. Content marketing

Create a buzz online using infographics, blogs and videos. Keep the content informative but also vibrant and relevant. You want to keep people asking for more, don’t you?

5. Use social media

The easiest way to connect with people is using social media. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow people from all over the world to connect in real-time. Information spreads very fast across social media which is why every real estate business needs active social media pages. Instagram is also a great marketing platform for real estate businesses because it allows you to share quality images of the property. Invest in a good photographer or camera and post photos that will attract your target audience. For people to want to contact you, they must first be interested in what you are offering.

6. Make use of commercial real estate listing sites

Commercial listing sites are accessed by a large number of (yes, you guessed it!) potential property buyers. Advertising your own listings on these sites allows you to tap into this ready audience.

7. Google AdWords

Consider setting up paid Google AdWords campaigns for your business. It will cost you some money but it will definitely pay off once you get higher rankings on Google search results.

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