You may have the best website and digital strategies in the world but if you cannot make paying customers out of visitors then you are at a loss. Attracting people to your website is undoubtedly much easier than getting people to actually pay for your product or service. To get the most out of your digital marketing efforts, you must strive to achieve and maintain a high rate of conversion of visitors to customers. Beehive Web Solutions offers conversion optimization services that will first get you the traffic your business needs then go the extra mile of converting the traffic to paying customers.

First, it is important to understand some of the various strategies used in franchise marketing. These are;

  • Social media
  • Company website
  • PPC
  • Email listing

Of course, each of the above strategies works well for different franchises and situations. The good news is we can help you with all the above. All you have to do is tell us where the problem is. Moving on, let us discuss how these strategies are great for marketing

Social media

Social media provides franchisees with a platform where they can control the narrative. However, to avoid watering down the brand, franchisors must provide franchisees with guidelines on branding and messaging so that they all speak the same language. Franchisees can run their own social media pages but these must be monitored by the corporate. The key is to continually post fresh and original content or videos which will go a long way in attracting a wider audience.

Company Website

How secure is your website? Do your web pages take more than two seconds to load? Is your website compatible with all devices including mobile phones and tablets? People like to feel safe while browsing the web. Also, people will quickly move on if your page takes 3 seconds to load. The code and structure must be consistent and scalable if you are to compete favorably with other franchises. Finally, communicate regularly.


Franchisors may use display and search ads to advertise the brand and its franchises. This makes it easier for franchisees to generate leads and hence make sales. Franchisees must customize their ads so that they are more appealing to and appropriate for the target market. For example, they may mention the local cities in their ads.

Email listing

This strategy allows you to send email messages to people that have subscribed to receive them. Do your best to be relevant to your audience. Developing specific newsletter templates for each location may help. Pay attention to your consistency and branding.

Remember, it is crucial that franchisees work within the franchisors guidelines.

So where does Beehive come in?

It is impossible to prescribe a single marketing strategy that will work miracles for your franchise. The perfect technique would be a blend of several other techniques. That is why at Beehive Web Solutions we do all the work for you.  Having helped businesses like Advanced Applications, Revenue Maximization Group, Sunlit Merchant Services, Del-Mar-Solana Beach Rotary, and Robin Retail Group to grow, we are just the right marketing agency for you. Since we opened our doors in 2010, our activities have been premised on the commitment to help our customers achieve their desired goals. We value relationships with our customers and strive to grow their businesses in every possible way.

We continue to create impressive websites and develop fun and interactive social media platforms for businesses that seek our help. We also offer a host of other marketing services that you will find interesting and effective. The commitment that beehive offers you really is unmatched.

Our all-in-one package comes with reasonable rates and timely delivery of services.

Are you operating a franchise?

Well, call us TODAY or send us an email. At Beehive, we are always available for our customers. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us scale your marketing to unimaginable heights!