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Net-neutrality discussion is causing chaos

When this net-neutrality matter first came about years ago every user on the Internet was quite upset because this net-neutrality action is not ethical nor is it an equal deal. Considering the idea of net-neutrality is actually not only against the consumer it also goes against the business owner and can also damage the financial economy on not just short-term but long-term bases.
The term net-neutrality gives any Internet Service Provider [ISP] ability to maintain data. In other words, should there be net-neutrality Internet service providers will have no provider control of who has access to the Internet; ISPs will have no control of  data speed. It will be the government who has that say; that thought goes against legal laws of business and it also goes against ethical reasoning.
An ISP has the right to determine what type of service they offer and how much they charge the consumer and/or business. Should there be a faster speed the company has every right to provide that service in a different package with other features. Just as a customer would shop for insurance and see the various packages that are available they will also see the various features and benefits within each package including how the pricing does differ. It works the same way when purchasing an Internet connection; it is a consumer or business owner’s choice to determine what works best for the need of having Internet and what type Internet service will work within the budget.
The President of the United States feels that everything must be changed on this matter and the Title II Law Act that has been put in place for the land line phones must also be put in place for the Internet. Unfortunately, that law is quite old and that law act must be rewritten to suit Internet communication; it cannot and will never benefit anyone (consumer or business) who performs business with an Internet company. It would be very wise to not move any further on this matter and leave issues alone as ISPs are growing very strong with computer technology and enhancing the Internet capability because that is how many perform their communication through work, education, and being social on a daily basis.
As a matter of fact, Google has recently announced fiber-optic wire placement in Kansas City for business owners. This is very big news because fiber-optic wire is better than what is used currently. Grant it, the area has only been made available to certain customers but this growth will get larger over time considering. As of now, Google has one data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa and they do plan the building of a second data center in Council Bluffs; scheduled date has not been announced.

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