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Lizard Squad hacker is under UK arrest

Recently there had been activity taking place with the PlayStation gaming network as users could not obtain access into it on Christmas day. What was discovered by the FBI on this matter, someone from Lizard Squad hacker squad is behind the issue of this cyber-attack even though the cyber group Anonymous was making claims they were a part of this entire lock and denial of service. The FBI made the promise they were fully determined to locate where the hack took place and also obtain the person or persons who are behind this gaming network attack and place them under arrest.
As of December 29 the Thames Valley Police obtained Vinnie Omari, a person of interest involved with this Lizard Squad hacker squad. Interestingly, Omari is being arrested for his involvement of stealing funds from PayPal accounts.
Authorities are currently processing formal documentation and continuing the confiscation of all electronic and computer equipment belonging to Omari for complete investigation and the gathering of total evidence. This hacker group is staying quite silent and not speaking on the matter of Omari’s arrest taking place. More information has come about regarding a second hacker named “ryan” [-sic] who is a part of the Lizard Squad and now captured by Finnish police. It would seem authorities are working together on a global scale to resolve this issue once and for all so it is closed.
This story will be followed and details will be released as obtained.

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