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LibreOffice can run on Android mobile phones

For quite some time the open source office application LibreOffice has been provided to anyone who wishes to download and run on their systems. It has provided the ability to build documents, spreadsheets, drawings and diagrams without too much complication. This open source application will also provide the ability to maintain databases as well so it is quite the office open source application anyone can take advantage of freely with ease of a simple download.
What has made LibreOffice work as an open source is having the ISO/IEC standard OpenDocument format to save documents for all applications. Engineers have gone one step further and created a beta of LibreOffice for Android. These engineers are planning to bring the best of LibreOffice in features and improvements as time moves forward. Because this is a popular piece of productivity application it is beneficial to the consumer and those with mobile phones that this product is brought to Android user ability.
Thanks to two wonderful companies working together (Smoose and Collabora) LibreOffice has now been brought to a new phase of growth and will be able to assist startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners as they are the ones who will benefit from this product and they are the consumers who are on the go daily using their mobile phones or smart phones and who will benefit from the Android beta open source.

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