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Just how social are you when marketing a product?

The desire and goal of a business owner is to gain the attention of a customer, make a point with providing information, then close the deal with the customer; everyone achieves something – the customer obtains something new and the business owner receives commission for his or her presentation. The above is what we hope to take effect every time walking into a meeting room yet consumers don’t always wish to make the purchase.
Build up your presentation
Why would a client or customer not have interest during a presentation? One of the reasons could be lack of information. Another option could be how the information is being delivered. For example, is there too much fluff given during the presentation? Or perhaps, when discussing facts and figures is the information given direct or is the information provided by use of an example? A lot of times when consumers will hear an example of an issue then given a fact which could solve that situation the issue is better understood.
Consider using personal experiences
Of course you don’t have to provide personal information but if you have been in a situation that involves the business explain the story detail. Feel free to change names if necessary or summarize the story to keep things short and straight to the point. At the end of the story build a conclusion to how the matter was resolved and provide solution as to how your business could improve the situation. This type presentation is personal and will make listeners feel more compelled to understand as they will not be hearing the facts of the product or service being sold to them. In essence, consumers are more likely to consider what is being presented because of your personal thought out words that have been spoken during the presentation. A social media presentation is quite beneficial to business speakers and there is a higher chance listeners will respond in positive light.
Small business owners can use personal and strategic ways of social media marketing during their presentation yet they can also build interest from their listeners. It is all the matter of how the information is given to listeners and how it is spoken. Soft spoken persons are easier to listen to than persons who are more aggressive. Before any presentation the it is important to plan ahead and determine know how you will connect with everyone within the room. Once you have made that connection plan you can begin planning ahead for your social media presentation that will capture and build interest.

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