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Innovation ratings

There comes a time when companies will reach the “aha moment” and build something that can either 1) satisfy consumer needs or 2) provide commercial benefit to business production and daily operation. According to Baseline top tech company innovation is below:
  1. Apple – 98% innovation rating after a partnership with IBM to create better performance with data and analysis capability when building the iPhone and iPad.
  2. Samsung – 97% innovation rating with the creation of the Galaxy Note 4 as the improvements are amazing and the cost quite comparable to other smart phones on the market.
  3. Google – 96% innovation rating as to how useful Google Glass has become in what it provides the consumer; the newest creation being created now is the Google contact lens that will provide support to persons with diabetes as it can measure glucose by a person’s tear drops.
  4. Amazon – 95% innovation rating after the creation of Zocalo, a cloud storage capability, now being offered by Amazon to customers which they can store and arrange files on.
  5. Microsoft – 91% innovation rating because the next creation of Windows coming about, supposedly it is due to be Windows 9 but there has been no exact time frame on when it is due release or other exact information stated.
  6. Netflix – 89% innovation rating from viewer strength watching based on new show creation.
  7. Hewlett Packard – 87% innovation rating from a new project named “Mobilize Your Business” that supports business owners by loading Microsoft applications for tablets, laptops, and POS devices.
  8. .Panasonic – 87% innovation rating because of a new innovation project with Tesla motors creating a very large factory.
  9. You Tube – 85% innovation rating built from a fantastic video creation that built viewers to continue watching as it brought interest and amazement. The video was a joke but it brought attention.
  10. Facebook – 82% innovation rating for the creation of an instant messaging software application, the news service, a facial recognition, and a mobile content application.
  11. Twitter – 80% innovation rating because there has been an increase of users on a monthly basis.
  12. Hulu – 79% innovation rating given for creating Behind the Mask project
  13. IBM – 78% innovation rating given for investment of $3 billion dollars in the following 5 years to create a computer chip that will work like the human brain.


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