How Technology is Transforming the Cannabis Space

by Nov 11, 2022

With the advancement in technology, industries are now expanding the way we get high. There is arguably no sector where technology has not set its foot in, and the marijuana industry is no exception. In the recent past, the marijuana industry has substantially flourished. Wh these technological breakthroughs and the legalization of marijuana products, there has been a significant spike in the consumption and production of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Technology has revolutionized the way people carry out businesses. Listed here are five ways how technology has profoundly shaped and transformed the marijuana industry.
Cultivation and Extraction

The marijuana industry has influenced investors worldwide, and quite evidently, their money has been used properly. The rising demand for cannabis has encouraged the use of new and advanced technologies while cultivating the plants. However, Weed Gummies remain on the cutting edge of the CBD industry. It is imperative to use technology when farming to faster the harvest time and improve the quality to match customer’s needs. This makes it easier for companies to produce high-quality CBD (cannabidiol) products.

With every innovation, there are newer ways of extracting and planting CBD. Industries use such remote sensors to aid the process as to how the plant usually grows. The usage of these technologies in the industry facilitates the separation of medical compounds from other marijuana elements. Cannabis goes through tests before being passed on through the final product to assure quality and product safety.

DNA Sequencing

Because cannabis has brain-altering compounds, the legalization of marijuana products has allowed the growth of innumerable scientific developments and possibilities of new products to trade in the market. DNA sequencing and genetic mapping of cannabis have revolutionized weed consumption. Owing to the brain-altering chemical compounds in marijuana like CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a Colorado-based company has already taken the initiative to use CRISPR technology to sequence the plant’s DNA. This attempts to understand the benefits it provides to the human body, using the CRISPR gene editing to grow marijuana that does not have either CBD or THC compounds present in it.

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