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How secure are your Amazon packages with delivery drones?

Amazon will be sending items as they always have but the company is making an attempt to improve delivery service and make it faster by use of delivery drones. Amazon has been given testing privilege from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to test out drones which is the beginning to what they wish to achieve. There are strict guidelines and restrictions which Amazon must follow even though they have been granted this first round of victory.
The FAA has provided Amazon with the capability to test usage of the delivery drone  outside the Washington state facility. Amazon had previously been testing these delivery drones indoors and the FAA approval will allow a larger range to be carried plus the fleet of delivery drones can be used. As mentioned, there will be strict rules to follow and it will start with Amazon flying these delivery drones for the reason of R&D only plus for the reason of training personnel.
Amazon is required by the FAA to have each delivery drone flown by a certified pilot who carries a private license. The delivery drones must fly on clear weather condition days; when the delivery drones are flying they are only permitted to fly at a level of 400-feet in the air or below and the delivery drone flight must take place during the day. Lastly, during the delivery drone flight it must remain in sight of the pilot who is flying it at all times. Amazon is also required to provide specific reports every month to the FAA based on specific flights completed, amount of time in air, and any issues if they arose. The above actions may sound like strict rules and guidelines from the FAA and they have every right to be. Commercial airlines carry passengers through the airways every day and those persons must be kept protected.
Amazon wishes to make their goal of Prime ordering travel move quickly by using the drone however there are many steps ahead still needed before that dream can be achieved. The FAA has agreed upon this first step and now only time will tell just how far Amazon must go to achieve delivery drone air space.

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