From plumbers to landscapers, home service providers are fighting for the top spots on online search results. Well, not literally of course! Technology has added a whole new dimension to business. People are no longer opening their doors and waiting for customers to walk in; they are going out there and showing prospective customers why they are their best bet.

Suffice to say, the market is filled with professionals with desired skills and experience. You really can never market yourself too much. Consumers have a lot of options and a good number of your competitors are just as skilled if not more. How do you stay ahead of the curve? How do you ensure that customers will continue to choose you over your competitors? How do you attract new customers? Read on and find out!

1.Go local

Be more involved in the local community. Promote environmental consciousness. Participate in local events. Join the local town committee. Seek the endorsement of local businesses. Advertise your services using local publications. Give out your business cards at local events and follow up with anyone who gets back to you. In short, show that you care about the local community.

2. Embrace social media

An active social media presence is mandatory if you are to stay ahead of your customers and competitors. Ensure your social media pages are duly updated with all the relevant information about your business. Make use of captivating photos to maintain an exciting appearance. Also, keep your content original but fresh and educative.

3. Referrals

A mailing list full of incorrect and repeated addresses is as useless as the H in honest. Regularly check your mailing list for invalid addresses and scrape them off. An updated mailing list is the first step towards expanding your impact.

4. Dust off your mailing list

A lot of people access the internet on their mobile phones and tablets. Clearly, if your site is mobile-friendly you will reach more people.

5. Be mobile friendly

There is no advertising quite like the word-of-mouth. People are more likely to heed recommendations from their family and friends than from a stranger. Develop a referral program to encourage your customers to tell others about you.

So where does Beehive come in?

There are many more strategies you can use and it is impossible to prescribe a single marketing strategy that will work miracles for your home services business. The perfect technique would be a blend of several other techniques. That is why at Beehive Web Solutions we do all the work for you. Having helped businesses like Advanced Applications, Revenue Maximization Group, Sunlit Merchant Services, Del-Mar-Solana Beach Rotary, and Robin Retail Group to grow, we are just the right marketing agency for you.

Since we opened our doors in 2010, our activities have been premised on the commitment to help our customers achieve their desired goals. We value relationships with our customers and strive to grow their businesses in every possible way.

We continue to create impressive websites and develop fun and interactive social media platforms for businesses that seek our help. We also offer a host of other marketing services that you will find interesting and effective. The commitment that beehive offers you really is unmatched.

Do You Want To Grow Your Home Services Business?

Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss how best to scale your marketing to unimaginable heights!


Beehive helped us with a great custom whiteboard explainer video and website which really helped us streamline our hiring process. I highly recommend them! Thanks Beehive!

Ariel Goldberg, AA Premiere

We were referred from colleagues of ours. Not only have we been amazed at the depth of understanding, we found ourselves working with a team of friends

Sarah Morgan .CEO

I started off just needing a logo for my company so I could make business cards. Alex and his team did such a great job I decided to use them to build my company’s first website. Within a few weeks the site was up and custom built to everything I wanted. I will definitely be using Beehive for my next project.

Nathan Kargman - Seacoast Distributing
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