Grooveshark then and now

by May 13, 2015

Facebook Ten Year Challenge is Harmless Right?

Every person has listened to music at one time in their lives correct? As technology has grown over the years there comes a time when our choices of music we love to listen to can be stored on what is aka the cloud server. In the matter of the company Grooveshark, many cloud servers but who’s counting they had a very good intention for every person who loved to listen to specific or multiple genres of music and wanted to store these genres of music on somewhere other than their own computer systems.
The company Grooveshark meant well to the many music fans and music collectors as the company assisted everyone by keeping their music safe.

There were very good intentions in creating Grooveshark as the company would provide music fans and music collectors alike to discover and share music with one another. Unfortunately, due to an oversight of Grooveshark, there has been failure of securing music licenses to continue moving forward with this type of service. Because of this action not being taken, the company cannot continue legally and feels it best to close in fairness to the public. Here is the link from Grooveshark for site removal.

The most professional attitude from Grooveshark was in the final message posted in the letter to their fans which urged every music listener to find a service where they can compensate and listen to music artists. Of course, Grooveshark may no longer be as it has been taken down yet music fans who once used the service will remember who and what the company was all about.

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