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Google now has interest in building drones – Project Wing

There is always some type of creation taking place within the company doors of Google whether it be updating of algorithms or the cloud application program creation. The drone project aka Project Wing, is taking place within the closed doors of Google. The idea of using drones could be beneficial as they have already done test flights in Australia and they have been quite successful. Amazon has been testing the use of drones to deliver books to consumers and discovered it is quite fast. The larger issue with flying drones at this present moment is the FAA does have restrictions; business owners are mostly banned at flying these types of items whereas hobbyists can do so. In essence, Project Wing from Google and Amazon can only sit on the runway, pun intended, until the FAA approval has been given.

 In other technology news for Google creations they have done there seems to be a few concerns on a product as consumers feel they could have privacy invaded. This product that is raising fuss to many is Google Glass because how it works a person wears the eyeglasses and can then secretly take photographs or record what they look at. They are eyeglasses and work by natural voice. The only difference is what you see on your side of the Google Glass is information; the person who looks at you will see nothing but a pair of normal eyeglasses. At any rate, these items have raised much privacy questions since coming about.

One health creation has come out of Google on how diabetics can watch their glucose by use of a contact lens. There are beneficial needs from the giant search engine; hopefully the will stay landed with logical ideas and the ideas not wander off into the clouds, literally. Google will continue creating their projects and creating the best for consumers. To see the latest of activity done for Project Wing here is the test video taken place in Austrailia.

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