Four Ways to use website design trends for 2016

by Nov 27, 2015

Four Ways to use website design trends for 2016

The 2015 quarter is slowly closing and soon the 2016 New Year will begin. Let us start the 2016 New Year by building a website design using choice website design trends to build customers and draw in the visitor traffic with style.

  1. The UI design pattern is a very common design when building a web design. It is quite common for a website business to have chosen a specific UI design pattern to create character and work smoothly when it is used with every browser. There may be some website designers who feel they are being copied because only a small amount of UI design patterns are available but with that thought in mind the most important factor of a website is its functionality.
  2. Providing rich animations with your web design is another way of showing the viewer more information about the product or service. The importance of the animation is where it is placed as that will make a large difference. When building your navigation menu be solid with placement and always keep it in the same place on the screen. Ensure the website links of each website page is correct. This will give a smooth flow to website travel and always ensure the links work and will always do what you want.
  3. Slide shows or photo gallery options are a wonderful way to show off photos or portfolios without overwhelming the user that is viewing the website for information about your business. The use of a slide show or photo gallery is actually quite nice to put in place for your best work to show clients and other persons so they can see your services.
  4. When designing your website remember there are many persons on the go so please don’t forget the smartphone user as there is growing popularity of them on the market. With that being said, a way you can assist the smartphone user is to build your website using a strong web design that is responsive. Responsive web design may not be something web designers want to use but the reality of it comes down to smartphone technology is a growing technology business so it will be here for quite some time. It is wise to take advantage of smartphone users and bring them into the world of website design graciously.

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