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Does Your Website Need a Fresh Design for the New Year?

Every business owner is already thinking about how to improve their business sales for 2016 with many ideas dancing around in their mind on how to best market the product or services.  In most cases your business will already have a logo created for it from its inception. But consider these few questions when looking at your business logo.

  • Does your business logo match the coloring of your website?
  • Is the caliber of design for your logo and/or website a fair reflection on the quality of the work you do?
  • If someone asked you the purpose or function of your website would you have a good answer?

If you have answered no to any of the above questions it would be worth taking a moment to relay your thoughts with a consultant that can give your company logo brightness and bring the attention to your website that ultimately drives more sales with a clearly defined strategy and purpose to the design.
How would you rate your web design over all; good, fair, or okay? Did you know the type of colors and fonts used will have an impact on visitor traffic?  Yes, it does and should it not be done just so, there will be a decrease in traffic because negative feedback will travel quickly thanks to social media.
Consider refreshing your web design for the 2016 New Year with Beehive Web Solutions.
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