The IoT of the Auto Industry

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Who truly owns the road? The IoT car of tomorrow, and today, will revolutionize the automobile industry as we know it. As cars become increasingly software driven we will start to see an expansive and immediate shift in how cars, trucks and other transportation vehicles operate. From syncing to our smartphones, registering real time traffic

Facebook Ten Year Challenge is Harmless Right?

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If you commonly use social media, you've likely noticed a trend on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook of people posting their before/after profile pictures, mostly from ten years ago and now. Instead of joining, I posted the following semi-sarcastic, I posted the following semi-sarcastic tweet: Me 10 years ago: probably would have played along with the

What Exactly is Blockchain?

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Despite its obvious intricacy, a blockchain is merely another type of database for recording transactions - one that is copied to all machines on a participating network.  The data within the blockchain is saved in constant structured which are named 'blocks'.  The major components of a specific block are: -The header, which contains metadata such

Follow News, Technology & Business Coverage from 2017 MJBizCon in Las Vegas!

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We're very excited to be covering the 2017 MJBizCon in Las Vegas this year!  For any specific products, stories, interviews or keynote coverage please either email us at, DM us on Instagram or reach out on twitter @beehivews ! We look forward to showing you the exciting new breakthroughs, technology tools and business stories

Does your website convert business for you?

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In this day and age having a functional website that helps your business goals is imperative.  Most people simply feel they have an obligation of having a website because the times demand it in order for them to be taken seriously. The truth is that if your website isn't built with strategy, function and conversion