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Autism research taking place and Google cloud storage is assisting

How exciting is it when new medical research is taking place to find a cure then the most famous search engine is also involved, Google. Too cool wouldn’t you say? This is for real and it is taking place as I write this article. The medical group Autism Speaks has gotten involved with Google by adopting a cloud. How they have done so is by adopting a platform. This platform will be further enhanced by researchers in many nations across the globe and the powerful thing is every researcher who wishes to be involved with this autism research can access this cloud.
What is the Google cloud made of?
According to eWeek, “After 15 years of collecting DNA data about autism, the group Autism Speaks has brought together a huge amount of data about some 12,000 people affected by autism.” The data provided onto the cloud is going to be approximately 100TB onto the cloud. For those unfamiliar with geek talk TB is better known as Terabyte. This data will be stored all in one place for researchers to easily see and gain more statistical information of so they can further research and help find the cure to Autism. Statistics of some cases have been compiled yet there is still much work to be done and further completion needed. This is a very large project but well worth the time and energy put forth.
What type of research will be involved with Google cloud storage?
Autism Speaks researchers are currently involved with this large cloud of data and will further be involved. Another type of research that will enter into the research equation eventually is something called Google Genomics. What this variable will provide is the capability to scientists of performance for data enhancement by using something called a Genomics API. By doing this maneuver, scientists can more easily locate documentation using Google tools when performing analysis collaborations. This is a large growing project that many organizations and countries are awaiting to join because they believe in healthcare and want to assist anyway possible.  Best wishes toward future innovation and finding the Autism cure!

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