Affordable DVR hardware: Slingbox M1

by Feb 23, 2015

Affordable DVR hardware: Slingbox M1

Are you the type of person constantly on the go and unable to catch the latest of reality shows as they appear? Sling Media understands your predicament with being busy and has created a wonderful product that now will give persons like yourself the ability to record and watch those shows during your down and relax time. Introducing the Slingbox M1, a product that can stream live DVR programs to your mobile device and best yet it has a lower price tag than the other generations coming out before it. The price is actually $30 lower so it is a slight saving in comparison.
Not only can this product benefit someone who travels for business frequently or lives in a dorm with the built-in Wi-Fi the product does not need connection to an Ethernet jack; sounds rather convenient doesn’t it? There are more benefits that may gain your attention and desire in wanting the Slingbox M1 but we must consider everything to be fair so let us review everything shall we?

The benefits do shine quite bright with the Slingbox M1 as the video is of high quality because it uses 1080 pixels. Another benefit of the Slingbox M1 is the sound as it does contain an integrated IR blaster and you are already aware of the built-in Wi-Fi. A plus that consumers will find using the M1 is when watching video as this device will allow smoothness of the live stream to appear and there will be no stuttering or delays taking place. This can be a serious issue especially when watching things like sports however is not a problem with the Slingbox M1.
Let us consider the few downfalls regarding the DVR hardware Slingbox M1.

Yes, it is pricey in comparison to competing products but remember that saying you get what you pay for holds a lot of truth and for good reason. Another fault stated about this hardware says that only the desktop application is free. Okay but this DVR hardware will be used by persons who don’t have a lot of time on their hands because they travel for business, attend school, or don’t have time to sit in front of a desktop and watch online shows. Another downfall that was mentioned, cannot watch via the browser; the consumer who purchases this item will not have time to just sit in front of a desktop computer and watch videos casually.

In essence, the DVR hardware Slingbox M1 is an affordable DVR hardware and it is a helpful product for those consumers who are on the go yet still want to keep up with their favorite shows. We highly recommend this product to those living a busy lifestyle who wish to have the convenience and comfort of their home TV and recorded broadcasts a click away online.

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