The term infographics is derived from a combination of the words ‘information’ and ‘graphics’. Infographics are basically visual representations of information and are used for their captivating value. Infographics help businesses to tell a story even as they advertise their products or services.

The three main types of infographics are;

  • Editorial infographics
  • Data visualization
  • Information design

Editorial infographics are largely used in publications to present a narrative. Information design infographics majors on how information is displayed. This type of infographics is commonly seen in the form of charts and diagrams as its design is not limited to text. You use information design infographics when you want to pass a concise yet universal message. Data visualization infographics is used to represent data visually.

The design of infographics can either be static, interactive or animated depending on the objectives you wish to achieve.

Beehive Web Solutions provide Infographics services to clients so that they can get professional results. We can help you present extensive data in a design that is both effective and appealing. We are committed to helping brands get the right message out there. The first step to getting people to buy from you is getting them interested in your brand to begin with.


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The concept of marketing has greatly evolved over time since the infiltration of the internet into the workplace. Social media marketing has become a necessary part of businesses all over the world. Businesses have no choice but to connect with customers at a more personal level; advertising and branding have since ceased to suffice. Today’s customer values business relationship and businesses are working round the clock to develop and maintain such relationships over social media. Previously, marketing was largely one-way with the business just sending out its message to customers. Thanks to technological advancements, information flow is now two-way; from the business to the customer and vice versa. Beehive Web Solutions makes your business worth discussing online providing a base for such two-way information flow.

What is Social Media Consulting?

When you systematically analyze and plan a brand from its impact visually to its position in the market, you are doing brand development. Competition for customers is greater than ever and businesses must build appealing brands if they are to stay on top of the curve. This is where Beehive Web Solutions comes into play. We help businesses to present themselves to customers as reliable partners in whom they can trust. All your marketing efforts may well be nothing without proper brand development.

What can Beehive Web Solutions do for you?

We help you to predict market trends and then use this knowledge to make money. We have professional media consultants who have spent years studying and working on various social media sites. They will, therefore, help you to understand these social media and how best to use them to come up with an effective social media marketing campaign. Our social media consulting services are in place to assist you to make the most out of social media marketing tools.

Even the largest social media site will be useless if proper strategies and good communication skills are not integrated into the marketing campaign. With our consultants’ excellent communication skills, honed through years of experience, you can definitely use social media to your advantage. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are merely platforms for you to tell your story. Beehive Web Solutions ensures that the story you tell is not only creative and appealing but also appealing. We help you tell it in an innovative and personal way.

Note that we have been in the business for yours but are always open to your line of thought. We care about your business and will always ensure that we help you develop solutions that best serve your interests and those of your business. Nonetheless, we would like to use our understanding of businesses and social media to help you come up with the right social media marketing strategy that best sends your message without watering down your brand.

Do you need social media consultancy???

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Good business stays kept up with customer needs; great businesses forecast future needs and come up with ways to satisfy these needs way in advance. Businesses that are able to predict future trends will always stay on top of the curve. Beehive Web Solutions offers you digital strategies which integrate research and data analysis to enable informed strategy development. Our digital strategy services allow you to predict changing customer needs and use this knowledge to improve the performance of your business.

What we offer

We help you link your vision and objectives with the changing customer needs by combining business strategy with marketing strategy. We help you develop and enforce realistic measures for performance improvement on social media and other digital platforms at your disposal. We offer advice that you can easily integrate into your business model to help you notice and seize opportunities as soon as they arise. We have found that time is a crucial element of digital strategy and always strive to provide time-sensitive solutions. Beehive Web Solutions helps you to grab opportunities before your competitors even notice them.

Why you need a digital strategy

The key purpose of a digital strategy is to satisfy customers’ unmet needs and expectations. Businesses must be able to determine what such needs and expectations are. Our digital strategy services cover an analysis of important aspects to help you make informed decisions. These include;

  • Online usage trends
  • Statistical data
  • Consumer trends in various environments
  • Business success rates

We assist our clients to separate their customers into groups so that it is easier to analyze them. Such classification may be based on behavior and demographics among others.

What are some of our digital strategy services?

We provide the following;

  • Business plans
  • Concept testing
  • Portfolio management
  • Technical monitoring
  • Evaluation of strategy performance

Yes, our principles are somewhat advanced, however; they are founded on fundamental concepts of communication to guarantee success. Beehive Web Solutions helps you to spot your desired market and then develop appropriate strategies to help you attract them and keep them loyal to your business. Understanding customer needs is but the first step. Beehive’s digital strategy services take you through the rest of the journey so that your website makes you more money rather than just look great.

Do you Need help for creating your digital strategy???

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Successful business owners know that they must establish a world-class brand; as do we. Growing a brand to world-class status is not easy, however; a lot of work and dedication must be put in. Beehive Web Solutions has created a trusted brand development process that is the product of creativity, strategy and discipline. We are committed to ensuring your business attracts all the loyalty it is worth. Our interests go beyond merely getting attention; we want people to identify with and be loyal to your business. Beehive Web Solutions works with you to deliver a fresh and classy brand which will undoubtedly propel your business to greater success.

What is Brand Development?

When you systematically analyze and plan a brand from its impact visually to its position in the market, you are doing brand development. Competition for customers is greater than ever and businesses must build appealing brands if they are to stay on top of the curve. This is where Beehive Web Solutions comes into play. We help businesses to present themselves to customers as reliable partners in whom they can trust. All your marketing efforts may well be nothing without proper brand development.

What is the significance of Brand Development?

If you are questioning the importance of brand development then you are probably fresh in business. Walk with Beehive and find out what you are missing out on! For starters, you are missing out on instant customer recognition. The easiest way to achieve recalls is to have a memorable logo with a powerful brand behind it. Beehive W.S. assists clients to not only retain existing customers but also attract new paying customers. The goal of brand development is to inspire the kind of loyalty that does not fade even when the business is going through a rough patch. Another thing you are missing out on is the ease of introducing new products to the market. With a good brand image, launching new products will definitely be smoother.

Why you must choose Beehives Web Solutions to develop your brand

Beehive guarantees you a combination of quality, care and trust that you will not find anywhere else. Our Brand Development package comes with;

  • Outstanding naming services
  • State-of-the-art graphic design
  • Appropriate messaging strategies for desired audiences
  • A custom style and tone for your business
  • Poster designs, letterheads, business cards, typography and print materials.

Do you have effective branding for your business??

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Beehive Web Solutions offers effective Google AdWords (PPC) management to large, small and mid-sized enterprises.  Our experts; who are located in San Diego, LA and Orange County have perfected their PPC skills through years of experience helping businesses develop effective Google AdWords campaigns. The internet offers a delicate and dynamic advertising system which if not approached carefully may lead to frustration and wastage of time and resources. Ultimately, the purpose of Google AdWords advertising is to achieve business objectives. This success is what constitutes a great PPC campaign, not just the traffic. Businesses must, therefore, seek experienced and skilled persons such as Beehive Web Solutions to manage their PPC campaigns if at all they are to tap into the limitless opportunities that online advertising holds.

What does Beehive Web Solutions offer?

Our PPC campaign management services on Yahoo, LinkedIn, Bing, Facebook and Google include the following;

  • Relevant keyword research
  • Creative writing
  • Periodic reports
  • Adjustment of bids
  • Account management by experts
  • Adjustment of keyword lists
  • SEO
  • Increasing Return on Investment
  • Developing and improving ads
  • Quality score
  • Handling the budget
  • Management of the advertising campaigns
  • Mechanisms for monitoring landing pages

What will you gain from our PPC AdWords services in San Diego & Orange County?

Developing an effective PPC campaign is an intricate process that requires a lot of time, patience and dedication. Beehive saves you the hustle so that you can use your effort and time on other important matters; we take our time to review your advertising campaign, adjusting this and that to ensure your campaign offers much more than everyone else in the market. Is your Google AdWords campaign performing below par? Worry not; we will get it up and running in no time.

We also create a new PPC campaign for fresh websites. We have found that proper use of keywords coupled with periodic reviews and updates is bound to make any social media PPC campaign a success. You can trust that our methods will give you a significant rise in sales and customer numbers. Beehive offers you performance rather than clicks.


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Growing businesses throughout San Diego, LA and Orange County have been treated to our innovative SEO services. Our experienced SEO team in San Diego develops effective SEO techniques that are useful in improving the visibility and ranking of businesses in online search results. Through quality SEO content, we improve your conversion rate ensuring users are able to find you easily when they key in their preferred keywords. Beehive’s SEO professionals use business-specific SEO strategies to position your business at the top of search results. They do this by editing your website’s content to their preference then coding it with the right keywords and finally eliminating anything barring your site from being located by indexing. Our SEO professionals understand your business and your goals first which makes it easier for them to develop the appropriate solution for you.

What are the benefits of Beehive’s SEO services?

Our team of experts will only concentrate on attracting your preferred audience. For example, some clients may want only local visitors while others may want both local and international visitors. Whichever the case, our team will get it done.

We are committed to helping our clients get higher ranking and more revenue from online traffic. We will take your business to the top page of Google search results if you let us because that is our specialty. With us, you do not have to wait for results. You get them there and then!

Beehive Web Solutions SEO package

  • Continuous SEO content
  • Monthly reports
  • Periodic evaluation
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • On-page optimization

Why choose Beehive Web Solutions?

  • Experience- we have years of experience in SEO which have conditioned us with the right tools to deliver the desired results.
  • Excellent team- from web designers, content writers and programmers to project managers, quality experts and marketing experts our team is fully equipped with the necessary skills to not only meet targets and objectives but also achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Research and analysis- we have research experts who monitor our campaigns regularly to determine their effectiveness or lack thereof. The research experts report their findings to the rest of the team who then brainstorm on improvement strategies.
  • Communication- clear communication is the secret behind a successful online marketing campaign because it helps to direct all efforts towards a common goal. We have an able support team that will follow the campaign’s progress and update you accordingly whether via email, message or phone call.

Are you in San Diego, LA or Orange County?

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Thanks to the internet, the way business advertise their wares has changed greatly. People have been advertised to so much that they are no longer easy to convince. Today’s consumer is almost numb t advertisement; beautiful models are not driving as many sales as they used to and those age-old stories of real-life experiences just do not cut it. People want to relate to products and brands. They care how businesses make them feel. They know they have options. Knowledge of this shift forms the backbone of our online advertising consultancy services.

Why Choose Beehives Web Solutions?

The internet is littered with advertising campaigns. How can your business stand out and be noticed by customers? Beehives Web Solutions adds class and value to your online advertising efforts. We have succeeded with other businesses just like yours because;

  • Our advertising campaigns are laced with a touch of elegance which works wonders as opposed to screaming out to get the attention of customers.
  • We help you to personalize your approach. People may want quality but what they value is a personal connection. They want to know that you, the business owner, are a real person they can relate with. They want to know that you are going to protect their interests and prioritize their needs.
  • Our services are designed to widen your scope of reach so that you may reach more prospective customers.
  • We develop cohesive marketing campaigns and focus on sending one clear message. People value consistency and so we maintain a uniform campaign.
  • Our services deliver measurable results that enable you to monitor your progress.
  • Our services are relatively affordable.

Are you Looking for Online Advertising Consultants

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Video Marketing

According to a study by Slidely 44% of people watch at least 5 videos online a day. Other studies have indicated that people prefer to watch these videos on social channels.  Video marketing has been in use for quite some time but these statistics highlight the need for brands to focus a lot of their marketing muscle on video.

There are several types of video marketing that you may use to pass your message to customers.  Each type serves a specific purpose. Examples are;

  • How-to videos-mainly used to educate the audience about something they are interested in.
  • Brand videos- they help to promote awareness of the brand and increase traffic.
  • Explainer videos- they show customers how a product works and how it can be beneficial to them.
  • Demo videos-used to encourage people to buy or sign up.
  • Animated videos- used to pass information in a creative and entertaining manner.
  • Personalized messages- used in the place of emails.
  • Interviews- these are interviews of experts or influencers your audience may be interested in.
  • Testimonials- used to demonstrate that your products actually work or your services are reliable.
  • Disappearing videos- used to capture the attention of the audience and to promote events.
  • Live videos- used to interact with the audience in real-time.
  • Event videos- they help companies to share their experiences with the public or customers.

Beehive Web Solutions will help you determine the best type for your business based on your needs and business objectives.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

  • Videos provide a personal approach which makes it easier for people to relate to your brand.
  • Video marketing is effective as most people are able to retain the information they watched compared to information they just read.
  • It delivers high rates of conversion of traffic to paying customers.
  • Compared to traditional advertising, videos are easier to access online with numerous platforms supporting video marketing.
  • If you are able to reach your desired audience through video marketing then you are likely to improve your ranking on online search results.

Where do we come in?

  • Not only are we skilled but also experienced in handling communication with customers; we do it all the time! Beehive Web Solutions will help you pass the right message to the right audience at the right time. Our video marketing package includes;

    • Assistance in determining the audience you want to market to
    • Establishment of goals or objectives
    • Assistance in creating a realistic budget
    • Advice on the best type of video marketing for your business
    • Creation and publishing of videos on your social media networks
    • Monitoring performance


Do not struggle with making pitches to prospective clients; let Beehive Web Solutions help you! Our professional whiteboard videos may just be the magic touch your business needs.

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Social media is all the rage. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+ and Flicker people are no longer just interacting with relatives and friends; they are advertising products and promoting brands. Our social media timelines are littered with calls to action and our inboxes full of invitations to like certain products or services. Social media has literally become a sales platform and this phenomenon is here to stay.

Beehive Web Solutions Company has a team of skilled, vibrant and experienced Social Media Marketers in San Diego, LA and Orange Country who are always working round the clock to help businesses accomplish their objectives. We invest our time and resources on promoting businesses throughout California while also equipping them with SM strategy, implementation and strategy. We want our clients to be able to monitor their SROI (Social Return on Investment) and that is exactly what we help them do.

The average business owner may not know his or her way around social media marketing and may send the wrong message or focus on the wrong audience. This makes it crucial for businesses to get a marketing partner (like us) who has the right tools and skills to deliver the intended message to the desired audience.

Beehive listens to you and then comes up with a social media strategy that best fits your needs. Yes, we are a caring partner. Other marketing companies will offer you pre-developed strategies that may not adequately address your needs; we do not. We endorse your product or service with unmatched expertise, paying great attention to your business objectives. We develop attitudes that inspire people to keep coming back for more thereby promoting just the right awareness for your brand. We work to create a community of consumers within the market in which your brand will be promoted by word of mouth.

Do you really need Social Media Marketing?

Of course, you do! There is no tool more powerful than social media when it comes to promoting your business online. Social media has in the past driven important conversations and inspired change so yes; you definitely need Social Media Marketing. However for Social Media Marketing to yield satisfactory results, it must be approached with a solid strategy and relevant experience. Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns are birthed from sound analysis of the market; our strategies are measurable so that you do not blow your money on unfruitful campaigns.

Beehive Web Solutions will offer the following Social Media Marketing Services;

  • Setting up and configuring SM pages
  • Help you maintain your blogs and social media accounts
  • Study your SM campaign
  • Give special offers
  • Attract new clients to your business
  • Develop customized social media pages for your business across all social media networks

Note that a great social media marketing campaign goes hand-in-hand with a great professional website and interesting content. The appearance of your social media pages also matters, as does the usability. You do not want your customers to end up on your competitor’s page while trying to find you.

Do you really need Social Media Marketing?

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You may have the best website and digital strategies in the world but if you cannot make paying customers out of visitors then you are at a loss. Attracting people to your website is undoubtedly much easier than getting people to actually pay for your product or service. To get the most out of your digital marketing efforts, you must strive to achieve and maintain a high rate of conversion of visitors to customers. Beehive Web Solutions offers conversion optimization services that will first get you the traffic your business needs then go the extra mile of converting the traffic to paying customers.

How Conversion Rate Optimization Works

Conversion rate optimization is a well-informed and deliberate process; it is hardly a game of guessing. It is an informed process whose justification must come from client feedback and a thorough analysis of outcomes. For conversion optimization to be successful it must be founded on your target market, your website and your business.


Since this is a time-sensitive activity, you must take advantage of all the traffic you are already getting. It is very easy to lose visitors who are not quickly turned into customers. Businesses must quickly grab the opportunities they get in terms of traffic. Any minute wasted is tantamount to several customers lost.

Do you want to have the upper hand?

At Beehive, we help you spot and focus on visitors who are likely to become paying customers. You need not break the bank for this. All that you need to do is ensure your content is attractive and the design excellent.

Our conversion rate optimization strategies are pretested to ensure they are a perfect fit for your business. We provide a memorable user experience that helps to lower exit rates. What’s more, our tools are customized so that every business gets exactly what it needs.

want to increase conversion rate?

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