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5 Internet of Things Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

It used to be that your cellphone was simply for making phone calls.  Then it gained the ability to send text messages to friends, and now one can’t even fathom a day without posting to social media, checking email, playing games, taking pictures or any other number of activities.
As it turns out this is simply the tip of the iceberg.  Soon you may be controlling many of the devices that are in your home ranging from the thermostat to the lights and much more, all with your smartphone.  Every single day an average of 5.5 million smart devices are being connected in homes around the world.
You may already have some of these smart devices in your home.  The odds are that you already have an Internet-connected TV or a streaming media device like Roku or Apple TV.
There are many more types of IoT gadgets than home appliances.  These devices help you sleep, keep you safe, can improve your cooking and even more.  Click the link below to see 5 IoT devices that will probably surprise you.
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