Are you the type person constantly on the go and unable to catch the latest of reality shows as they appear? Sling Media understands your predicament with being busy and has created a wonderful product that now will give persons like yourself the ability to record and watch those shows during your down and relax time. Introducing the Slingbox M1, a product that can stream live DVR programs to your mobile device and best yet it has a lower price tag than the other generations coming out before it. The price is actually $30 lower so it is a slight savings in comparison.
Not only can this product benefit someone who travels for business frequently or lives in a dorm with the built in Wi-Fi the product does not need connection to an Ethernet jack; sounds rather convenient doesn’t it? There are more benefits that may gain your attention and desire in wanting the Slingbox M1 but we must consider everything to be fair so let us review everything shall we?
The benefits do shine quite bright with the Slingbox M1 as the video is of high quality because it uses 1080 pixels. Another benefit of the Slingbox M1 is the sound as it does contain an integrated IR blaster and you are already aware of the built in Wi-Fi. A plus that consumers will find using the M1 is when watching video as this device will allow smoothness of the live stream to appear and there will be no stuttering or delays taking place. This can be a serious issue especially when watching things like sports however is not a problem with the Slingbox M1.
Let us consider the few downfalls regarding the dvr hardware Slingbox M1.
Yes it is pricey in comparison to competing products but remember that saying you get what you pay for holds a lot of truth and for good reason. Another fault stated about this hardware says that only the desktop application is free.  Okay but this dvr hardware will be used by persons who don’t have a lot of time on their hands because they travel for business, attend school, or don’t have time to sit in front of a desktop and watch online shows. Another downfall that was mentioned, cannot watch via the browser; the consumer who purchases this item will not have time to just sit in front of a desktop computer and watch videos casually.
In essence, the dvr hardware Slingbox M1 is an affordable dvr hardware and it is a helpful product for those consumers who are on the go yet still want to keep up with their favorite shows.  We highly recommend this product to those living a busy lifestyle who wish to have the convenience and comfort of their home TV and recorded broadcasts a click away online.

Because we use USB devices during our business day and our daily errands there will come a time when that battery needs to be recharged. Because prices have become more affordable for cell phones, tablets, iPads, and even tablets families will most likely have more than one USB device. So when someone has a USB device that needs a recharge they may or may not have an electric outlet to plug their USB device into for that recharge time; that can make matters frustrating. There has been an answer to solve this issue from Charge Hub and Cable Linx.
At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015 Charge Hub showed off a fabulous product for those with multiple USB devices. Introducing one product that can be plugged into an electrical outlet then used for multiple USB devices. What makes this product outstanding is the capability as it will manage up to seven USB devices that are in need of recharging. So if there is a family of four which has four cell phones including two tablets the answer is that they will be able to have everything recharged easily by using Charge Hub because every USB device will be plugged in at the same time.
USB device owners can use their current USB cord that came with their product by connecting the cord to USB device first then plugging in the USB device to the Charge Hub. Another helpful product that can be used with Charge Hub and also help in charging the USB device is called Cable Linx. This product is a value pack of USB cables which can be used with the Charge Hub. Every USB device needs a different connector and Cable Linx can provide the type connector within the value pack. Cable Linx was also introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015 so everyone is now aware of the product and the ability it will provide to all USB devices. Using both of these products together will make daily living easier for anyone who uses multiple USB devices as it makes the ability of recharging them very simple plus keeps everything in one place so everything will remain safe and easily recharged every time. These are two products well worth the investment as they will always keep your devices fresh and ready to use.

Just about everyone has a cell phone whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone. Customers have been paying close attention to the iPad and the iPod as well. What consumers are starting to make purchases for are the Tablet devices because they need more power than what a cell phone can provide. There has been much attention paid to consumer needs when creating new devices as more space and optional features are given for each and every device model always seems to have something new.
What many consumers seek to use in business are those items which will make the common uses of items such as cell phones and tablets simple and easier to manage. Thanks to the Consumer Electronic Show of 2015 that took place there has been the showing of what is called iRing Masstige Ring Grip. This product will be of assistance to those consumers that own Smart devices from cell phones to tablets. This product will actually give much benefit in the area of handling Smart devices because the iRing Masstige Ring Grip has an adhesive that will take hold onto your Smart device then provide ease of handling. The device can be held by carrying through the iRing Masstige Ring Grip can hold without concern of losing your device. Should there be a presentation that needs to be shown, the device can be placed upright and kept safely as the iRing Masstige Ring Grip will sit in place as an anchor behind your device so there will be no concern of it falling over and being damaged during a presentation to others.
As mentioned the iRing Masstige Ring Grip does have the ability to manage weight so it can be used and will manage any device from a Smart cell phone to a Smart tablet. What makes this product more likable is the iRing Masstige Ring Grip comes in a variety of colors to choose from at a reasonable price. Currently the iRing Masstige Ring Grip  can be found on the Amazon website at an affordable cost for your Smart device. It is well worth checking out and making the purchase to assist with your daily errands and business activity.

Now this is getting quite exciting after much hype and discussion of the Typo BlueTooth keyboard coming about for iPhone users. Finally the waiting is over as the Consumer Electronics Show of 2015 did take place and revealed the item in all its glory. Now that the production model has begun the maiden launch for consumers to see, feel, and purchase it will be quite the pleasure for every cell phone owner who enjoys extra swiping room because that is exactly what this provides. There is an additional 1.7mm provided which is quite nice for the many cell users who enjoy using the iPhone and having the swipe capability. Even better, iPhone users will have access to all of the iOS 7 functionality.
The Typo BlueTooth keyboard is actually going to be quite interesting to see how consumer feedback prevails as  it will provide consumers with the ability to easily use the once QWERTY keyboard that still exists with the Blackberry phones. The benefit, iPhone users now have the ability to use click keys on their iPhones should they choose to have them. A benefit of using the Typo BlueTooth keyboard is the small, lightweight feeling and the ease of placing it onto your iPhone; instructions will guide you how this item can be placed and correctly fit onto your iPhone.
There are a few negatives of using the Typo BlueTooth keyboard which consumers should keep in mind but they are not anything too negative. The first being TouchID is no longer accessible. What users will need to do at this point for unlocking their phones is change their security function, switch unlock method, or retype in pin code using the TypoBlueTooth keyboard. Yes, these are extra steps but Typo gives an extra feature for the iPhone so it is a matter of how the issue wants to be handled by each iPhone customer.
As a benefit when the iPhone does go to sleep to get attention once again just press any key on the Typo BlueTooth keyboard and it will awaken. What will show is passcode entry prompt. Another benefit of the Typo BlueTooth keyboard is the quickness of how it keeps up with use when entry of text in SMS, email, and applications. Another benefit is stress tests actually showed there is a zero lag benefit from the Typo BlueTooth keyboard so this is a wonderful device to have as it worked well for Bluetooth keyboards. On a final note, the BlueTooth keyboard is available for sale through the manufacturer’s website or can be found through Amazon priced reasonably.