Web Design

When you consider the term web design what comes to mind; the Internet and graphics correct? But there are more things to this term that need consideration than just the obvious. For example, two very important questions come to mind 1) how will you benefit from web design, personal or business? And 2) is there. Read more

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO

SEO is also known as search engine optimization. SEO is something used by web developers to build and enhance website traffic using specific keywords. One of the first tasks done when creating traffic with keywords is to determine search engine traffic flow. This can be done by using a particular application that will show data. Read more

Autism research taking place and Google cloud storage is assisting

How exciting is it when new medical research is taking place to find a cure then the most famous search engine is also involved, Google. Too cool wouldn’t you say? This is for real and it is taking place as I write this article. The medical group Autism Speaks has gotten involved with Google by. Read more

Just how social are you when marketing a product?

The desire and goal of a business owner is to gain the attention of a customer, make a point with providing information, then close the deal with the customer; everyone achieves something – the customer obtains something new and the business owner receives commission for his or her presentation. The above is what we hope. Read more

Google Splits its Stock

From 3rd April onwards, Google will be initiating a new plan for creating a new class of non-voting capital stock, which will have a separate listing on the stock exchange. All existing stockholders will be provided some of these shares through a stock dividend. This means one new share will be awarded from the non-voting. Read more

Google Faces Trouble Trademarking the Term ‘Glass’

Google Inc. was able to get the term ‘Google Glass’ trademarked successfully when it started developing these spectacles. Last year, the company had also submitted another trademark request for just a single word ‘Glass’, which would be displayed in the same futuristic font used for the full term in its marketing campaign. However, the company’s. Read more

Facebook’s CEO Was Paid $1 Salary Last Year

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the biggest social network of the world, has decided that he is a $1-a-year man. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Facebook’s head is actually the 22nd richest man of the world. But, as per the regulatory filing that was made with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Mr. Zuckerberg. Read more

Facebook Launches Free-Calling Messenger App

When Facebook announced its acquisition of the popular messaging app Whatsapp for a jaw-dropping amount of $19 billion, it had given rise to speculation as to what would happen to the company’s existing messaging app. However, it seems that people had nothing to worry about as Facebook has introduced several new features in it. Only. Read more